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Our Concept

Today you can escape from the ordinary and discover a new world of distinctive, high quality imports.

Unlike the generic, mass-produced products found in large "department store" sittings, much of the Salablanca furniture, artwork and accesoires are one-of-a-kind. Handcrafted by skilled artisans and linked to a story of unique origin. In many items old, original parts are used, in that way recycling the past. We offer a wide variety of items, carefully selected to ensure quality, craftmanship and style.

Salablanca shops reflect a harmonious blend of products and sensations – lighting, music, textures, colours, aromas – providing something for everyone. 

The combinations of stylish northern European products with the range of furniture  and crafts,  fuse to create an unique atmosphere of inspiration and utility. And in contrast to the impersonal approach in web shops, you will find in Salablanca all the personal contact and help you need.

Come and discover.....